Omnichannel Strategy Example


As consumers become more connected and their expectations continue to rise, businesses in the hospitality industry are beginning to realise the importance of an omnichannel strategy.


In today’s digital age, customers are more connected than ever before. They have access to a variety of channels to research, communicate, and engage with brands. In the hospitality industry, this means that it’s more important than ever to have an omnichannel strategy that meets customers where they are and provides a seamless, personalized experience across all channels.


Our Approach

Key Benefits of an Omnichannel Strategy

Increased customer satisfaction

By providing customers with a seamless experience across all channels, you can meet their needs and preferences, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The experience doesn’t start when they enter the restaurant. It starts from the very first digital touch point. In the restaurant you manage tables differently, to match the service and communication they require – why wouldn’t you do this digitally?

Greater customer insights

An omnichannel strategy allows you to gather data from multiple channels, which can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. This information can help you make informed decisions about future marketing and business strategies. A CRM shouldn’t just be about email addresses and first names. It should be able to understand the customer and give an experience that suits – an Omnichannel Strategy ensures you are always building up information about each customer.

Enhanced digital marketing capabilities

An omnichannel approach enables you to create targeted marketing campaigns that can be delivered across multiple channels. Many hospitality operators are fantastic at creating stories, whether it be the provenance of their restaurant food or how they treat their local communities – but they have no idea which customers want to hear which stories – Omnichannel will solve this.

This can help you reach a wider audience and generate more revenue.

How we Create and Effective Omnichannel Strategy

Define your customer journey

Identify your customer personas

Understanding your target audience is key to creating an effective customer journey. Define your customer personas, including their demographics, behavior patterns, pain points, and goals.

Map out the touchpoints

Once you’ve identified your customer personas, map out all the touchpoints a customer might have with your business. These touchpoints could include website visits, social media interactions, email communications, phone calls, in-person interactions, and more.

Analyse customer behavior

Analyse customer behavior at each touchpoint to understand how they are engaging with your business. This could include metrics such as page views, click-through rates, bounce rates, and conversion rates.

Identify gaps and pain points

Use customer feedback and data to identify gaps and pain points in the customer journey. This could include areas where customers drop off, experience frustration, or encounter barriers to purchase.

Optimise the customer journey

Use the insights you’ve gathered to optimise the customer journey, creating a seamless and integrated experience across all channels. This might involve streamlining processes, improving website navigation, providing personalized content, or adding new touchpoints to address customer needs.

This can take many shapes and forms. You might have a team internally that can create the content and creative – we’ll let you know what’s needed and it can be executed by you. We can complete the copy and you provide the creative. Or we can do it all. Whatever the route, we’ll provide a reasonable and a cost-effective plan.

Integrate your Systems

Identify your systems

Identify all the systems and channels you use to engage with customers, such as your website, social media platforms, email marketing software, customer relationship management (CRM) tool, and point-of-sale (POS) system.

Choose technology solutions

Choose solutions that can help you integrate these systems. There are many omnichannel platforms available that we use to manage your customer data and streamline your operations across digital channels.

Map your data flow

Map out how customer data flows between your various systems. This will help you identify areas where data may be duplicated or missing, and where you may need to create new integrations.

Implement integrations

Once you’ve identified the systems you need to integrate and mapped out your data flow, it’s time to implement the integrations. Depending on the systems you’re using, you may be able to use pre-built integrations or you may need to work with our developer to create custom integrations.

Test and optimise

Test your integrations to ensure they’re working properly and that customer data is flowing between systems correctly. Monitor your integrations over time and optimise them as needed to ensure they continue to work effectively.

Personalise your Communication

Segment your audience

Once you have collected customer data, segment your audience based on shared characteristics or behaviours. This will allow you to target your messaging to each segment more effectively.

Customise your messaging

Using the data we have collected to customise your messaging to each segment. This could include personalised food menu recommendations, tailored promotions, or targeted content.

Use automation

We will use automation tools such as email marketing software or chatbots to deliver personalised messages at scale. These tools will help you automate the delivery of personalised content and offers, making it easier to reach your customers with the right message at the right time.

Test and optimise

We will test your personalised messaging to see what resonates best with your audience, and optimise your approach over time. We use multiple analytic software systems to track the effectiveness of your messaging and adjust your strategy as needed.


At our hospitality marketing agency, we take a unique approach that sets us apart from others in the industry. Rather than maintaining costly offices or amenities, we operate with a lean and agile team that is led by our founder, Daniel Turner. As a former Head of Digital for Young’s Pub Group, he has over 15 years of digital marketing experience within the hospitality sector. We then leverage the dynamic freelancer market to execute campaigns with a team of specialised experts, allowing us to offer exceptional value to our clients.

If you are interested in learning more about our approach and how we can help increase the revenue and profit of your pub, restaurant, or hotel, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for an initial consultation.

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